Packaging & Sustainability

Over the last couple years I’ve worked hard to try and make my shop as sustainable as possible and constantly am looking for ways to improve my packaging so it is both a fun and joyous experience to open without being wasteful or using single use plastic. At this stage almost al of my packaging is 100% recyclable. 

The only items that include non recyclable packaging are washi tapes which are shrink wrapped in plastic by my manufacturers, this helps them avoid any water damage. And any older enamel pins in which I’m still using up old cello bags, once these run out the enamel pins will be plastic free!

Envelopes and Pip Boxes

The envelopes and boxes I use to send all my orders in are both 100% recyclable cardboard. The envelopes are board backed ensuring that prints and other flat items can remain flat during transit.

Paper Bags and Glassine bags

I use a mixture of polka dot paper bags and Glassine bags to pack things like prints, stickers and bookmarks! These bags are all 100% at home recyclable. 

Tissue Paper and Zig Zag Packing Filler

Occasionally orders will be packed with tissue paper and or zig zag packing giller, both of these are 100% at home recyclable! 

Brown Kraft and Printed Packaging Tape

I also use 100% recyclable packaging tapes to seal boxed orders both brown and printed variations can be recycled!